1. Force of the Terms

The Warranty conditions applicable for products purchased from the GoodStore e-store.
In the case of non-conformity or defects in the goods, we ask you to send a written complaint to e-mail:
store@goodstore.eu Such complaint should contain the name of a customer, who made the order, his/her contact telephone, a number of order and an accurate description of non-conformity or defect, or fill in the form.

Where a defect of product appears, we ask you to stop using a product.

All complaints will be reviewed, and the Buyer contacted as soon as possible, but not later than in 15 days from the receipt of complaint.

1. The GoodStore guarantees that no defects will manifest in the Product for two years – neither in the materials nor in the quality of the manufacturing process.

2. The warranty is based on a purchase document submitted by the Buyer.

3. The two-year warranty period extends both to individuals and businesses.

4. In the case if a defect is detected in the Product during the warranty period either in materials and /or manufacturing operations, the Product or its damaged parts will be repaired or replaced by the GoodStore’s authorised repair partner, without demanding the cost of work or materials, subject to the conditions and limitations set forth below. In the course of the warranty repair, a defective product or its part may be replaced with new or repaired product or parts. All replaced Goods will become the property of the GoodStore e-store (or Palm & Co OÜ).

5. The GoodStore warranty shall not extend to transport expenses or risks related to returning the Client’s Product to the GoodStore or repair firm. In the case of transporting to repair firm, the Buyer is bound to pack Product in accordance with the conditions of transport firm, which can be found on a webpage of transport firm.

6. Warranty does not cover the following:

  1. Regular maintenance and repair of Products, that result from the ordinary wear, and replacement of the equipment parts;

  2. consumables (parts of Product due to be periodically replaced during the product life, such as ordinary batteries, printer cartridges, cores, lamp bulbs, etc.);

  3. damage or defects caused by handling which is different from ordinary use or different from home-use;

  4. damages or changes of Product caused by:

    1. wrong use, including:

  • actions resulting in physical, cosmetic or surface damages, or changes of Product, or damages to the LED screen;

  • Installing or using Product as opposed to the ordinary use or the instructions of the GoodStore e-store;

  • Maintenance of Product as opposed to the instructions of the GoodStore e-store;

  • Installing or using Product contrary to technical or safety standards or legislation in the country where such Product is installed or used;

2. software virus-related failures or use of Product accompanied with inappropriate software or incorrectly installed software;

3. the state of systems or damages, with which or in which Product is used, except for other GoodStore e-store products designated for use together with such Product;

4. The use of Product with such accessories, additional equipment or products whose type, condition or standard do not conform with the requirements of the GoodStore e-store;

5. Repairing of Product or attempts to repair it by the persons who are not representatives of the GoodStore e-store;

6. Configurations or adjustments of Product, for which no prior written consent of the GoodStore e-store was received, including:

7. Updating Product to the state different from the technical data or properties of product, contained in the manual for use, or

8. Modifying product to adapt it to applicable local laws, where such product was not manufactured or intended for use;

9. careless handling of product;

10. effect of accidents, fire, liquids, chemicals, other substances, floods, vibration, excessive heat, poor ventilation, fluctuations in power supply, excessive or incorrect voltage, radiation, electrostatic charges, including flash and other external forces and shocks.

7. The Warranty is only valid for parts of the Product hardware. The Warranty does not extend to software, for which valid end-user contracts or separate endorsements/warranties, or exceptions exist or have been concluded.

8. The sole obligation of the GoodStore e-store under this warranty is to repair or replace Product provided for by the conditions and limitations of this guarantee. The GoodStore e-store shall not be liable for any Goods, services, this warranty or losses or damages, including financial or indirect losses, price paid for Goods, loss of profit, loss of revenue, loss of data, reduction of pleasure receivable from Product or its use thereof, any indirect, incidental or consequential losses.

9. When defining the responsibility, Palm & Co OÜ relies on diagnostics performed by the authorised GoodStore e-store repair partners (fault detection). If, as the result of an expert assessment, it becomes obvious that the defects were caused by the above-listed factors, but repair of Product is possible, the Buyer has an opportunity to order a paid repair. Product with damage from liquid/moisture and/or mechanical damages will be continuously subject to repair in a fee-paying manner.

10. Expert fee for the Product diagnostics (fault detection) is payable if the Seller is not responsible for eliminating a defect found on a device and repairing a device is not possible. The Buyer is also bound to pay the diagnostics fee if, resulting from the diagnostics (fault detection), no defect was detected in the Product and the Product meets technical requirements of the manufacturer.

11. Private customer shall not pay diagnostics fee for first six months from the day of purchase. During the first six months from the Product transferring to the Buyer the defect is considered to have been existing during the object transfer. The rejection of this presumption is the Seller’s obligation. In the case of complaint submission, costs, firstly, cost of transport, postal services, work, travel and costs of material with regard to repair or replacement of the Product during the first six months from the Product transfer to the Buyer shall be borne by the seller (Law of the Obligations Act § 222 (4)). Within the next 1.5 years the Seller will only bear the corresponding costs in a case of a justified pretension.

12. In the event that the Buyer does not agree to the official opinion of the GoodStore e-store repair partner, the Buyer must prove that:

  1. There is a defect (non-conformity with the contract conditions);

  2. A defect or its cause existed at the moment of the Product transfer;

  3. The Seller is responsible for such defect.

13. In addition to the rights resulting from the right to file a claim, the Buyer also has all other rights arising from the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

14. The Buyer has the right to claim for discount of the buying price from the Seller or for the termination of the contract and claim for refund of money paid for the Product if the Seller:

a. cannot repair or replace a product,

b. repair or replacement of product is unsuccessful.