Faraday Bag, Car SmartKey Signal Blocker, Anti Theft Equipment

Faraday Bag, Car SmartKey Signal Blocker, Anti Theft Equipment


Today almost all car makers use in their cars SmartKeys and keyless entries. That feature is very comfortable for car users as well for thieves to steal the car. One option to protect your car is to keep in your car bull terrier. Much easier way is to use Faraday Bag.

You don`t have to do nothing else – just put your car`s SmartKey in to the back pocket of the Faraday Bag (Shielding Bag) and sleep peacefully. The signal will not be copied and your car stays securely in the place you left it last.

Not many places on Earth have that item in stock, but we have.

NB! goodstore.eu aka Palm & Co LLC will not take any responsibility against stealing the vehicles that were protected with Faraday Bag.

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Tüüp: Nutivõtme signaali blokeerimise kott

Sobib kõigile nutivõtmetele, ID-kaartidele ja muudele telefonist väiksematele esemetele

Värv:  Must

Materjal: Kunstnahk

Mõõdud: 14cm x 10cm x 0.5cm

Kaitseb kiibitehnoloogia kiipkaarte häkkerite RFID-lugejate eest sagedusvahemikus 10 kHz – 30 GHz.

Faraday kotil on 2 taskut: tagumine tasku signaali blokeerimiseks
esimene (välimine) tasku kaitseb vaid radiatsiooni eest – see ei tööta signaali blokeerijana.

Kui olete auto parkinud ja lukustanud, siis veenduge, et asetate nutivõtme sisemisse taskusse! Nii toimides blokeerite autovõtme signaali kopeerimise ning edastamise.

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Dimensions 5 × 20 × 15 cm


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